Vulnerability in Tight Spaces: Roommate Love

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Fall Semester suite mates with Camille and Carlie

I’m the kind of person who can claim having kept a room entirely to myself my whole life. I like my space. I’ve been very blessed to have the opportunity to have my own space. But I had always pondered just how vastly different college living would be; two people, lots of stuff, and a tight space. It’s extremely intimidating! My best friend and I knew that we would never be roommates. Even before our senior year of high school we agreed that if we were to go to the same college, there’s no way we could do it. Ironically, the last night in MHK for the both of us we spent as roommates. We giggled and laughed about just how obnoxious the two of us were together. She would have never stopped singing or making weird noises and I would probably have had an assortment of things always scattered about covered in charcoal or paint. Trivial things, but believe you me when you spend 9 months with a person in close quarters those little things become the big things! I love her so much, but wow am I so thrilled, for a variety of reasons, that we figured that out just how terrible we would be together before we embarked on this new journey.

Reflecting back on the year, its so assuring to know that I wouldn’t have done a single thing differently. Previous to college I had heard tales upon tales of potluck-roommate horror stories. Some from my mom recounting the good ole 80’s when hairspray and cigarette smoke accumulated to an impenetrable and hovering cloud inside the dorms rooms… Oh how blessed I am.

First visit to the Varsity Donut Truck together

 I was paired with someone who was from my same hometown. We had interacted with so many of the same people growing up, she worked with one of my best friends, and she had even been at my graduation party earlier that year. Life is pretty funny sometimes.

Meeting each other for the first time was the ultimate test, starting with a 30 minute phone call and then eventually a shopping excursion. We were trying to feel each other out. “is this person… normal?” we questioned. Both of us were trying to figure it out as quickly as possible. It’s funny looking back at that really. Extremely nostalgic. Now she’s someone I really couldn’t imagine not being in my life!

KSU Baseball Game amidst the rain with Em and some friends

The lesson to be heard here is, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in tight spaces. She and I both had our share of emotional outbursts. Crying yes, mostly. There were some times when I remember getting good and angry and she was there to calm me down. There were times when I got unbelievably overwhelmed and would crawl inside my head and she would be there with words of encouragement. Most often, there were times when complete exhaustion just consumed me from late nights in studio and she was there to just there to turn off the lights. If anyone ever asks, Em has a heart of gold. She truly kept me sane during one of the hugest transitions of my young adult life. To anyone anticipating this new and exciting opportunity for friendship I would only say a few things. You create the life you desire to live; that applies to whom you live it with too. Instant friendships are not only unnatural; they are not realistic. You’re only human, so remember that they will be too. Patience and effort are so important. You will have to try, you will have to be pleasant, and you will have to be selfless. Write a list, write it now, of what you desire in a good roommate; Nothing specific, just general nonnegotiable traits that portray character. Now, you yourself go be those exact things! They will return to you 10-fold I promise.

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Enjoying the view at the the top of Manhattan Hill with Tori when Morgan came to visit

Guarantees are never tangible. Expectations are dangerous. If you are anything, be loving and gracious. Sometimes favor smiles upon you, and sometimes it doesn’t.. but that’s life. As Doctor Seuss once said “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you”, so be the best you can be! If you believe and do all these things, I know that for you all things will fall into place just as they did for me.

Dedicated to my favorite Sigma Kappa Love you Em ❤

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…let’s try this again

Remember that one day I started a blog? Yea. I’ve learned many valuable lessons this year, but this particular one is extremely applicable: Life just gets away from you, and you have to love it always. Even when you’re caught in a whirlwind, even when you feel like your drowning, life is good. God is good.

I’m here to try again.

And what you’ve read so far is my prompt. Nothing in particular. Perhaps musings, or little trinkets of thought. Encouraging words, most definitely; reflections on this past year with some quips of my many tales, probably; maybe even some heated conversations between myself and the keyboard… I suppose this journey is a clean slate.

Welcome to new perspectives on theCompass.

Manhattan Hill
Manhattan Hill

Returning: The College Freshman


After taking a month hiatus to focus on the incredibly exciting, somewhat awkward, and certainly intimidating transition between one life and another, I’m very ready to share my composed thoughts with you, cyber world.


So many times these past weeks have I thought of exciting topics to write about. I have sticky notes, with scribbled writing scattered around my dorm room to prove it.

Many of the following blogs may be sporadic and scattered throughout the week, just because I have so many things to say, but I’d really love to have set postings on Fridays. Just so ya’all know and want to keep up with me better!

Get ready for the cliché “Dorm Tour”, the “What To Bring for Realzz”, “Greek Life: Rush Life”, “The Truth Behind us Gluten Free College Kids”, and of course the random but oh so relevant reflections of your average 18 year old.

Enjoy and feel free to share at your leisure

Friendship is Unnecessary


FRIENDSHIP IS UNNECESSARY, like Philosophy, like Art… IT HAS NO SURVIVAL VALUE; Rather it is one of those things that give Value to Survival

How many of us have sat alone before? Our thoughts left to decipher our hearts in silence. How many souls have met another in passing, and felt a spark of similarity? The yearning for friendship.

Today I woke up knowing that I had to share with you all one of the best, most unexpected gifts God has granted me; 5 of my sweetest friends. It’s probably also best to introduce them now considering many of my stories will most likely involve them!


From left to right… Hannah Our Disney fanatic and future Choral music director. Tori Our very own expert on all things Broadway, and Sutton Foster enthusiast. Lauren Our fashionista and serious New York starlet. Matara Our local genius and woman of Operatic status. Myself. And Kelly, Our fabulous triple threat and very own Yzma impersonator.

I heard once that you become very much like the 5 people you spend the most time with… And I sure hope so. In the cluttered and frantic world of High school I found 5 honest hearts of gold.

Why is this important you might ask?? Well, i think it’s our tendency to wander through life and expect relationships to be all about us. We expect people to come to us, be drawn to our “ever so charming” personalities and compete for our attention. “Why wouldn’t people want to be friends with someone like me??” You might question. But honestly thats the wrong question. You should be asking “Why should people want to friends with me?”
We should never define ourselves by the tallying of friendships. How many would say they’d rather have a handful of close friendships than 20 people who know next to nothing about you? Seriously, just think about it. Its a legitimate question. High school is spent wasting so much time deciding which answer is best. You have to decide that a reputation of high class popularity is extremely overrated, and pursuing what’s best for your soul always wins out.
That’s why so many friendships we have in high school stay in high school. Not many people are brave enough to love those around them enough to risk their own heart. But the risk is everything. The value of friendship and the ones you carry with you will always lie with you and only you. Once you stop asking “what can you do for me?” and start asking “what can I do for you?” is when that barrier is broken. In order to love, to maintain, and to grow in a real friendship, you have to be willing to be selfless and always act in kindness. These are the friendships that last.

“There is no greater love than this: To lay down one’s life for one’s friends” -John 15:13


For us, the next adventure that awaits is College. One to Texas, another to New York, and the other 4 scattered throughout our beloved Kansas. “Your bond won’t last” some might say, and others will tell us that “distance and time changes people”. To the former I say you’re wrong because our friendship was built on solid ground. To the latter I say I should hope so! Because no one should stay the same forever. We will grow together but apart in our own way. God has set us each on a quest of his own making, and he provided each of us with the others as roots so that we might not forget where we’ve come from or who we’ve been. “…the rest is still unwritten”


Sneak Peek

 Today is the day I start a blog. The day I decide to be brave enough to expose all my thoughts to this internet world. It’s very very scary, but I think if I can share my journey with you all, maybe we can all laugh and cry and freak out together. I think life’s just a little easier when we can all walk together. 

My name is Grace and i’m excited to give you, my friend, a full access peak into what makes my brain tick. Growing up my life has consisted of just a little bit of everything. And likewise, theCompass is just a little bit of everything. Whether you’re an artist, a musician, a dancer, a runner, living a gluten-free life, a European dreamer, or a Bohemian wanderer…this is the place for you


My life has a superb cast i just cant't figure out the plot…